Are you the owner of a modern, highly effective and fully digitalised practice?

Would you like to be part of a network with the following goals?

  • Top-level neurological/psychiatric treatment with branding
  • Standardisation of treatment pathways and measurement of healthcare outcomes (quality of results) with specially designed software (registry database), which is compulsory for all members.
  • Shared web-based platform for rapid communication and integrated training.
  • Negotiation of integrated healthcare/discount contracts and surcharges (SGB V §§ 73c, 130).
  • Development, planning and conduct of studies (phase II-IV, healthcare and epidemiological studies) with consistent publication of results.
  • Analyses for market and healthcare research, pharmacoeconomic studies.
  • Development of innovative procedures in support of diagnostics and treatment.

Then we’d like to welcome you as a new member.

Our team will be happy to organise an informal discussion and provide further information:

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New ways to greater well-being

Health is your most valuable asset. Physical and mental well-being and fitness can often be maintained well into old age, even in the presence of chronic illness. Everyday life poses new challenges that have to be overcome.

Everyone has a different way of dealing with those challenges. It isn’t always easy and demands a wide range of coping strategies. Our “My NTC Health Guide” patient portal helps you to live an easier and therefore better life with your illness.

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My NTC Health Guide

Our patient portal helps you deal with your illness in many different ways. First of all, you have access to an

  • Individual platform tailored to your needs, which you can use on a fixed PC or mobile phone. You can use it to contact your physician and they can get in touch with you, making communication much easier. Physicians can make data such as examination reports and laboratory results available in digital format and you can upload and provide information. So you can keep your physician permanently
  • in the loop, without having to see them in person every time. We believe that it is important for you to understand your illness. So we give you your data – e.g. lab results – in graphic form. And we keep you up to date with the
  • latest scientific data about your illness and promising treatments.
  • Memory functions for measurements, activities and taking medication help you to keep to your treatment regime. Take an active part in the treatment process. Have a lot more control over your illness. Increase the level of
  • Treatment success. Live better with your illness. We are with you from now on and we’re always by your side – if and when you want us to be.

The benefits to you

  • Digital findings (medical findings, laboratory, radiologists)
  • Graphic display of your data from the NTD database (visual)
  • Individual information about your illness (articles, scientific data)
  • Memory function (alarm pill reminder, appointments)
  • Option for electronic contact with your practice
  • Highest data protection standards according to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG)
  • Increased treatment success

How does it work?

We can offer you easy access to the NTC patient portal through the collaboration between the NeuroTransConcept physician network and vitabook. Your health data is stored exclusively on our “My NTC Health Guide” portal.

The data belongs to you alone! That means that only you decide who gets to see your data.

  • Please contact your treating NTC physician to set up a health account. Your NTC practice team will explain the portal’s various functions to you. Your treating NTC physician will also be happy to answer any questions you might have.
  • Personal data stored with us is then sent to your health account automatically, with all of the data, news and facts about your illness. At last you have a clear overview of your state of health. You can start providing data right away, make it available to your physician, add and view customised information about your diagnosis.
  • You can update your health account and record your immunisation cards, intolerences and much more.

In an emergency, you are safeguarded by an emergency dataset that has been provided by you. First responders can access it immediately if required and offer you the correct treatment.